April 28, 2008

11+1 reasons why Vista will fail

Famous journalist and broadcaster John C. Dvorak (Wikipedia) wrote an article on PC Magazine about Vista’s 11 pillars of Failure. To summarize, mixing his own words: 1) Too many license types. 2) Code is too big (and therefore buggy). 3) The long-awaited WinFS filesystem is missing. 4) Battery consumption is too high. 5) No real advantage using modern Hard Disks with Vista. 6) “Vista-capable” stickers are bogus. 7) Many device drivers are missing or not properly working 8) Dark advice on upgrading 9) People love XP, in a way or another. 10) Mediocre rollout. 11) Poor performances.

I almost agree with everything, but John is missing another important reason: 12) Ubuntu is so damn good! Check out Linux Ubuntu 8.04, codename Hardy Heron, for details.

[inspiration: Jeff Barr]