April 28, 2008

Lotsa Creative Commons images, for your blog!

I currently write on two english blogs (didn’t I mention www.SecondLifePros.com?) and an italian one, and sometimes it’s not easy to find pictures for the posts I’m writing, expecially because I always want to respect the license of the author (which is, by default, a strict copyright).

A nice and fast solution is looking on Flickr.com (the biggest image archive so far) for images with a Creative Commons license, such as: - CC Attribution license; - CC Attribution-ShareAlike license; - CC Attribution-NonDerivatives;

If you don’t know about Creative Commons… You Should!

Thank to this precious information, I just found the perfect picture for my next post… it’s about Gazelles, but… Well, it goes beyond that! Curious? By the way, thank to Paul Mannix for sharing so many pictures with a friendly license.

african gazelle

Of course, my suggestion now is: PUBLISH YOUR PICTURES WITH A CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE, and make the world a better place. I will soon do that with my pics.