May 1, 2008

Twitter Power!

**What is Twitter? ** A web application that allows you to post SMS-style messages, follow other people messages, and interact with them. Today I want to give you a great list of the best websites, tools, and guides about Twitter!

01) Twist : see trends in Twitter, and compare them. An example? Ubuntu vs Vista. twist

02) TwitterLocal : tweets nearby a location. twitterlocal

03) TwitterLocal Stats : locations with top tweets (spolier: Tokyo is number 1!). twitterlocal stats

04) TwitterFeed : feed your blog to twitter. twitterfeed

05) Big Juicy Twitter Guide: a MUST for wannabe/newbie twitterers. twitter guide

06) TwitterVision: showing a world map with instant tweets (also in 3D). twittervision

07) Twistori : a social experiment, in which you can see current tweets, selected by special keywords (love, hate, think, believe, feel, wish). twistori

08) Twitbin : a Firefox extension to tweet faster and easier. twitbin

09) Twitdir : a Twitter directory. twitdir

10) TwitterKarma : it fetches your friends and followers from Twitter, then displays them in a way easier to navigate through. twitter karma

11) TweetScan: Real-time Twitter search. tweetscan

12) Remember the Milk for Twitter : if you use Remember the Milk (as a personal and time management tool), you will love this add-on for Twitter. remember the milk for twitter

Finally, some miscellaneous links you may find very interesting: Scaling Twitter: making Twitter 10000% faster. 17 ways you can use Twitter. Snitter, a Twitter client for Mac and Windows.** Twitterrific, a nice Twitter client for Mac**. 10 ways to use Twitter. Twitter in plain english (video). 60+ Twitter tools. The several habits of wildly successful twitter users. 17 ways to visualize the Twitter universe. How to build a Twitter agent. Top 10 Twitter Apps, by ReadWriteWeb. The official Twitter blog. The Twitter Fan wiki, with lots of precious resources. TwitterBuzz, the most popular links on Twitter.

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[UPDATE 02/may/08] Check out this statistic analysis of Robert Scoble’s tweets. [UPDATE 09/may/08] Tracking links on Twitter: Intwition.