May 8, 2008

Al Gore in Rome: a success for the launch of italian Current_TV

I’m just back from Rome, where I witnessed the launch of the italian Current_TV, the first non-english-speaking version of it. I was invited at Jovinelli theatre together with about four hundred of other bloggers, technologists, journalists, students and such. It was a great idea (thank to friendly and hyper-energic Marco Montemagno and others), and a great occasion to meet some bloggers that I read, but never met in real life (Paolo Valdemarin, Massimo Mantellini…).

Al Gore, founder of Current_TV, was the main guest.

Enjoy some pictures I’ve taken with my modest Canon EOS 400D (you find these, and other, creative commons Attribution-only photos on my flickr account) :-)

Outside Jovinelli Theatre in Rome, just before the event. current_tv

Inside the theatre. current tv

Luca Conti, a.k.a. Pandem├Ča, a famous italian blogger and latin lover. luca conti

Me (Simone Brunozzi) with Daniela Cerrato ( simone brunozzi daniela cerrato

Marco Montemagno, italian technologist and journalist for SKY. marco montemagno

Who’s this guy? Can’t remember his name… hmmm… al gore

Well, if he dyes his hair with black, he could resemble Al Gore… :-) al gore

Luca Conti and Marco Montemagno, while Luca is asking a question to Al Gore. luca conti and marco montemagno

People. current tv

The thing that everybody loved about Al Gore? His boots! al gore boots

Final word: a great event, and I wish Good Luck to the italian Current_TV!