May 25, 2008

Bulk resize images with GIMP

I shot a couple of dozen pictures in Seattle yesterday, and I wanted to put them on Flickr. Problem is that Flickr has a monthly upload bandwidth limit, and my Canon EOS 400D creates 3382x2259 images, but for Flickr a 1200x800 should suffice; therefore I decided to resize them before uploading. How to do that with a batch process, rather than by hand?

I came up with a nice solution using GIMP (for Linux Ubuntu, but it’s valid for other Linux flavors as well). Here’s how.

Install the package gimp-plugin-registry, which includes also David’s Batch Processor (name says all).


Now open Gimp, go to Xtns, and then click “Batch Process…”.


Here you can configure the details, expecially: - which images you want to convert (“input” tab) - how you want to resize them (“resize” tab) - the type and quality of output images (in the “output” tab) - renaming (you can’t overwrite the original files; choose a different directory for output).


It works!

Check them out on my flickr page (pictures have a friendly CreativeCommons license, you can use them).