May 26, 2008

Garr Reynolds on presentation Zen

A great video about the zen of presentations, from the point of view of Garr Reynolds.

Garr lives in Japan, and the place seems to inspire him a lot. He’s also a Jazz enthusiast, worked for Apple, and wrote a book I have in Luxembourg (but didn’t read yet): the name, of course, is Presentation Zen.[

presentation zen](

I think that in my new role of AWS Evangelist, I’ll need to hear his advices and try to deliver good presentations around.

The video of Garr Reynold’s presentation is more than an hour long, so I’d like to point out the main things or concepts I liked: - Zen: it reminds me of simplicity, effectiveness, purity, art. - Involving his audience, thus making his presentation even better than it already was. - TED (ideas worth spreading), an annual meeting for great minds in California, as an inspiring source. I already knew TED, and I’d love to attend in the future… who knows :-)- An unforgettable photo of jazz player Dizzy Gillespie. He reminded me how much I love good jazz, and from that moment on, I sticked to Garr’s jazz quotations. - Other interesting quotations from persons that I respect, such as: “Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant.” - Guy Kawasaki “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” - Ken robinson (watch him here) - And another one, from a jazz player I didn’t know: “If you’re not appearing, you’re disappearing” - Art Blakey

garr reynolds

Well, I think that I’ll try to get some inspiration from Garr!

Do you have anything to suggest? Good presentations? Hints? Experiences? Thanks!