Scoble is right

From Robert Scoble’s blog, answering to a reader who doesn’t understand why he spends time with “boring” geeky things:
The real thing I’ve been doing for more than eight years now is to try to arrange my life so that I have an interesting conversation every day with someone interesting.

Robert is right. We don’t aspire to a tropical island, with a tropical drink, and tropical cute girls, and nothing to do all day long.
We want interesting things in our lives.
That is, I agree, a wonderful life.

And I also believe I’m on the right path 🙂


  1. Paolo Massa · May 29, 2008 Reply

    It it not related with this post but …
    what about posting about this?

    I believe it can help even more to spread the concept of Ubuntu! 😉

  2. Bob Bly · May 29, 2008 Reply

    Your argument that those who embrace technology are more productive than those who do not is way off base, as is the implication that luddites just want to relax.

    I would put my productivity against yours or anyone else’s. And I think it’s high BECAUSE I avoid social networking and tech gadgets. While others spend hours a day chatting and reading on Twitter or Facebook, I am getting work done. The result: millions of dollars in revenues, dozens of copywriting clients, an Internet business that grosses six figures a year in passive income, and over 70 books published by NYC publishing houses.

    To accomplish this, I work a full 12 hours a day! I do not own a cell phone or have a Twitter account, but I am hardly a slacker sitting on the beach.

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