June 5, 2008

Airlines wars

Yesterday I was trying to book some flights for my june and july trips: Copenhagen (Denmark), Tallinn (Estonia), London (UK), Seattle (WA, USA) and Portland (OR, USA) (which is a very nice city, full of nice women and good italian restaurants such as Piazza Italia), and finally Reykjav√≠k (Iceland). As you may guess, it is not an easy trip to book. I first tried with multiple one-way trips, and the total was close to five thousand dollars. Oh, gosh. I can’t really spend so much money. I then decided to turn on my seventeen brain cells all at once, and they produced this wonderful powerful graph, which gained me roughly the same trips, with HALF THE PRICE.

airlines wars

Well, I still have to book some hotels, but I’m happy I was able to save so much money. Yup! By the way, you can always check where I’m going on my DOPPLR page. It’s a cool site, try it for yourself.