April 11, 2010

Our tech nightmare

This very interesting talk sums up, with great realism, how our life could be in the future, dominated by the evolution of Farmvilles and the like. Games, Advertising, Big Brother.

These are the new advertising nightmares that are listed: - Cereal boxes with screen - Soda cans with Wi-fi - Tatoos with Adsense - REM in-ear entertainment - Sensors that sense our emotions - Government rewards for supporting political candidates - Eye sensors that track our reading

This is what the speakers concludes: Our grandchildren would know every book that we’ve read. That legacy will be there, we’ll be remembered. And you get to thinking: Is it possible maybe that, since all this stuff is being watched and measured, I should change my behavior a little bit, and be a little better than I would have been? It could be that this system of mass commercialization is terrible, but it’s possible that they’ll inspire us to be better people if game systems are design right. I know this stuff is coming.

Personally, I’m not optimistic at all. I believe that economic interests, together with invincible tools, will transform us into consumption puppets. How to react, how to avoid it? I don’t know.