October 7, 2010

Vote for Fredrik Härén as winner of the 'Knowledge Prize'

The last ten years Fredrik Härén inspired others to be more creative - now he needs your help. He has been selected as one of five finalists to the Swedish Knowledge Prize.

If you think that his work of inspiring creativity is worth awarding then it’s time to vote for him!

It is fast and easy: 1) Go to www.kunskapspriset.se 2) Click RÖSTA/Vote under Fredrik Härén 3) Click NÄSTA/Next 4) Enter your email address the click NÄSTA/Next 5) Select your gender and age group then click NÄSTA/Next then you’re done!

In case he wins, the entire amount of €25,000 will go to his** charity fund** in helping develop a much needed children’s hospital in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Remember, Einstein said “Creativity is more important than knowledge - so let´s give a knowledge prize to a ambassador of creativity!