February 12, 2011

Working for Amazon.com in Asia!

As you know, I work for Amazon.com, as a Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services, AsiaPacific. I can say that it’s a really exciting company to work for, and especially in the Cloud Computing business, these are very exciting days!

If you’re interested in working for Amazon.com in Asia (in most cases, based in the beautiful city of Singapore), check out the open positions we have: Amazon Web Services, Singapore and Asia Pacific. As you can see, there are many: some technical ones, such as Solutions Architects or Data Center experts, or some sales-related ones, such as Regional Sales Manager, Account Manager, or ISV/SI Sales Manager. Most of them are related to a specific market in Asia, being India, Australia, China, Korea, Singapore, or other ASEAN Countries.

If you find a job opening that fits your profile, you can either: 1) Apply directly for the job; OR 2) Contact me, and we can briefly discuss it (simone at amazon dot com)

Please remember that I cannot discuss internal details, e.g. how the selection process works, and such. However, I can take a look at your profile, and help you determine if you are a good fit for the job. You might also want to take a look at these blog posts: How I got hired by Amazon.com; The official Amazon Web Services blog; This nice presentation: Introduction to Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services, plus demo (remember to download the PPT to read the notes); also, if you like it, please share it on Facebook and Twitter, I’d appreciate that :)