February 26, 2011

'My Evil Plan for 2011: the long way up'

Few days ago I posted a long and detailed review of Hugh McLeod’s Evil Plans. Some people commented on the blog, tens shared it on Facebook, a few others sent me a private email with their thoughts about it. One of them said: well, nice review, but then… What’s your evil plan for 2011? He knows that, even before they were nicely defined by Hugh, I always have had Evil Plans in my life. And he was surprised that I listed many of them, without actually committing to any.

Ok, that’s it then. I have to pick one, and possibly make it public. Give me ten seconds… Here it comes. My Evil Plan for 2011 is to participate in the Long Way Up adventure. (which is supposed to start somewhere in 2011… Hopefully in the Fall).

It’s almost impossible to make it happen. Let’s see pluses and minuses: - I don’t know Ewan nor Charley. - I don’t know when they will do it; if they’re already planning for it. It might already be too late. + I’m an expert biker and I’ve driven many types of bikes, but - never did for such a long journey. 0 I’m a decent photographer, but I’m not a Pro. + I’m great at blogging and using the online social media to share this adventure online. + I love writing, and the few things I did in Italian language have been very well received. + I can afford to pay for the bike and everything else. + I did some charity work, very small things, some in Italy in the little town of Assisi (home of Saint Francis, the greatest of all Saints), some with** Acumen Fund**, some with a few other almost unknown organizations. - I don’t see why they should accept me as part of the expedition. Yes, some good reasons are above, but… Seriously, who is this guy, Simone Brunozzi? We’ve never heard of him.

As I said, it’s almost impossible. Dear reader, I need your help. 1) Share this blog post, if you like it, on Facebook and Twitter. 2) Let me know if you know someone that knows them. I need to get in touch with them and let them know that I’m interested. I’d like to know what they think about it. 3) Anything to say? A rant against this idea? Or just your own Evil Plan? Share it in the comments. Thanks!

What happens if I fail? Well… I’ll cry. And then I’ll plan another Evil Plan for 2012. :)

Update: Charley Boorman is organizing a shorter version of The Long Way Down, from Cape Town to Victoria Falls (in Africa), at the end of August 2011. 16 days, 5000 kilometers, and 25 bikers. Too many. That’s not the type of adventure that I have in mind. Three, four people is the maximum, for me. It’s not cheap (more than 7,000 euros), but not even too expensive, considering all the organization and the 2-day training in Wales. In any case, that’s not what I’m looking for. What a pity :)