March 2, 2011

Italy explained to non italians

That’s one way to explain Italy to non italians, at least from a working perspective.

Let me start with this story here: Treehouse hits the Deadpool; founder off to Google.

Treehouse was a Mobile Photo Sharing startup. Chrys Bader, the founder, says: “We were indeed the first to really identify the market for mobile photo sharing.  It all started when we asked the question “What if you could see your friends’ camera rolls?” So many people take pictures on their iPhones that never see the light of day, so by being able to see your friends’ camera rolls, then you can see what your friends are up to.

Unfortunately for Chrys, Treehouse didn’t pick up well, and therefore the founders decided to shut it down. Now Chrys just started a new job at Google, working on some “exciting new project”. Congratulations, Chrys.

So, what this has to do with Italy? Simple. In Italy, Chrys Bader would be unemployed. For years, maybe. He would be a loser. A big loser. And a big company in Italy would not hire him to run an exciting project. Not at all.

That’s one of the biggest differences between Italy and the US. Of course, there are many others, this is just one of them.