March 13, 2011

Sunday in Singapore

It’s Sunday, I’m in Singapore, my girlfriend is still in the US, therefore I have plenty of time to study Portuguese, read books about food, and write on the blog. The last few days have been interesting for me. Last Tuesday, at the Founder Institute in San Francisco, my session was very well received… And I liked the interaction with the students and the Mentors. Well done, Adeo! These are the (almost self-explanatory) slides that I used for my presentation: Startup Research. If you like them, well, like them on Facebook too, or on Twitter :)

My Evil Plan for 2011, being part of The Long Way Up, is still just a dream, as I cannot get in touch with any of the organizers.

By the way, a lot of people liked my “review” of Evil Plans, the book by Hugh McLeod. Take a look at it, and drop a comment and tell me what you think.

And, yeah, I miss the US today. Not just Seattle and the Washington State (and Port Townsend’s pizza), but also San Francisco and the “vibe” that you breath there. Let me share with you a couple of pictures from San Fran. Hope you like them :)

(The FULL SET of Pictures is on Flickr. Hope you like it.)

Last, but not least, I really wish that Japan will soon recover from this recent disaster (Earthquake + Tsunami). I don’t exactly believe in God, but my prayers are for these people there.

Have a great weekend.