April 3, 2011

Long Way Round

In the past few weeks, I’ve happily watched The Long Way Round DVD for several hours. (it also includes The Long Way Down, which is another trip). I loved it, despite this is not a highly professional documentary like the ones produced by Discovery or National Geographic, and despite sometimes the episodes could have been compressed more (in other words, sometimes they spent too much time on something). If you don’t know, the Long Way Round is an adventure organized by Ewan Mcregor, a very successful british actor, and Charley Boorman, an actor as well. They ride motorbikes from London to New York, crossing most of Asia and most of North America.

They also use the adventure to do some charity work on behalf of Unicef.

Motorbike adventures are incredible. If you never did one, you should.

I have an “evil plan” (this explains the term “Evil Plans”),  but it seems that the third adventure, The Long Way Up, is not going to happen. Instead, Charley is organizing a shorter, but equally interesting, trip in Africa which is open to 25 motorbikers.