Ryan Carson

I’ve met Ryan Carson in April 2009, in Dubai.
Unfortunately for me, it was the only physical encounter with him, and I say “unfortunately” because I think that it’s nice when Ryan is around.
Ryan now runs Treehouse, a startup that wants to teach you how to design software.
I won’t go into details of what we discussed in Dubai (also because I don’t remember ALL the details), but suffice to say that in just a few days, my opinion of Ryan,both as a person and as an entrepreneur, was very high.
I just saw a video of Ryan, at a recent conference, and I think it’s well worth sharing on this blog.
There are many, many useful blurbs that you might like; I want to highlight just this one, when he’s briefly talking about Carsonified, his previous company focused on tech events:
“The reason why we ended up doing events is because I love connecting people…
But the reason why I wasn’t passionate about doing events was that I realized that events are expensive to attend, not everybody can go, it wasn’t something that it would change the world in a way that when I die I would be glad about” (bold is mine).

Feel free to watch him below. It takes about 80 minutes. Time well spent.
I just did, substituting watching a movie with this, and I’m not regretting it.

Ryan Carson’s talk at Creative Bath from Treehouse on Vimeo.

Ryan is particularly good as a speaker, it seems he does it in a natural way and he definitively knows how to smile when presenting.

Talking about events: you might want to check out Amazon Web Services’ first global conference: Re:invent, in Las Vegas from November 27th to 29th. I will be speaking there as well.

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  1. Ryan Carson · August 17, 2012 Reply

    Wow thank you so much Simone! I’m really glad we met 🙂

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