August 25, 2012

On being a 'Nomad' worker

I’ve just finished reading Why remote workers are more (yes, more) engaged, on the Harvard Business Review website. Very interesting read.

I often write that “I feel lucky”. No, I don’t mean a random search result: Instead, I mean that I really enjoy many aspects of my current job at Amazon Web Services. In particular, one of these aspects is the fact that I can work from any place I want. Not from Argentina, a place that I’d love to visit, or from Rwanda, another place on my bucket list, but any place in California, at least.

For example, yesterday I was having coffee, and working, and meeting with a colleague, here at Ritual Coffee, on Valencia street.

Did you know that the owner/founder is a Harvard graduate lady that didn’t want to have a boring job, and decided to start it? Amazing!

Today I was having breakfast in my apartment, enjoying a great coffee, some strawberries, and flowers that I bought the other day from an incredible Polish guy, just below our offices in downtown San Francisco.

In this specific case, I woke up at 7:30am, spent a few minutes to understand who I really am, and reminded of something I’ve seen (and photographed) yesterday:

Be yourself! And then I did some pushups, prepared breakfast, ate it (in front of those beautiful flowers), and then had a call with a colleague at 9:00am. Isn’t this a simply AMAZING way to start the day? Now I’m still at home, outside is sunny, and life is good. No wonder that being a “Nomad” worker improves productivity and engagement. And yes, I feel more engaged than ever. I had a “9 to 5” job in the past. It’s not for me. I respect the fact that some people cannot avoid that type of schedule, but if it’s possible to have more flexibility… Why not? Yes, I also have an office, and I can go whenever I want. Actually, sometimes I WANT to go, to see some colleagues or have some meetings and such. It doesn’t hurt when you decide IF it makes sense to go, or not. I believe that flexibility is a great form of respect for people’s time and needs. I really appreciate that, and I’m thankful that I can benefit from it.

If you feel too lonely in your house, you still have the option to use coworking space. I, for example, sometimes go to Coffee and Power and Hatchery SF here in SoMa, very close to where I currently live. If you’d like to meet me, and you tell me to meet at one of those two places, you have a 100% chance I will say yes!

Ah, by the way: we’re hiring. And I’m not going to add any link. If you want it, you find it by yourself. You’re smart enough :)

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