August 31, 2012

Don't build a fast company, build a slow one

It’s Friday, there’s still a lot to do, but I need a quick break, and I decided to read some of my feeds and take a casual look at my twitter stream. This is how I found this interview with Jason Fried, CEO of 37signals.

There are many interesting points in the interview, but in short they can be summarized as: 1) love your company and your employees 2) do what’s best for them 3) don’t overburn; plan for the long term

This is one of the parts that I loved the most:

I’m a fan of growing slowly, carefully, methodically, of not getting big just for the sake of getting big. I think that rapid growth is typically of symptom of… there’s a sickness there. There’s a great quote by a guy named Ricardo Semler, author of the book Maverick. He said that only two things grow for the sake of growth: businesses and tumors. We have 35 employees at 37signals. We could have hundreds of employees if we wanted to–our revenues and profits support that–but I think we’d be worse off.

Isn’t it amazing?

I also loved the part about the cleaning lady, and the fact that she brings flowers. I started buying flowers every week, from a super nice and super smart Polish florist that works just nearby my office in San Francisco. I find flowers to be a great way to relax. You watch them, and for a few seconds you forget about being in a rush, or being busy.

See below the flowers that I have at home, right now. (Yes, I work from home often)

What do you think of the interview? Any comment?

Update: this short video from the guys at Vooza, on company culture, is also very inspiring. You need humble shoes.