August 31, 2012

We're all busy... Aren't we?

Great short post on Minimal Mac:

Rather than say: “I am too busy, I don’t have any time for X.” I realize I can be honest and say I am not interested enough in X to do it. Saying no is saying yes to other things.

I agree. We all say we’re busy, all the time. I meet people and I ask “How are things?”, and they quite always answer “Busy”. I usually reply that I’m busy too. It’s true, we’re busy… But just because we can get busier than ever, doesn’t mean that we have to. Let me repeat it:

Just because we can get busier than ever, doesn’t mean we have to.

Let me close this post with a nice picture. This one below my Brother Marco (on the right), who visited me recently here in San Francisco. I love him, and despite being super busy with my life, I spent some time with him and don’t regret a single “wasted” second. Now he’s back in Italy, all is well.

Saying yes to the time with him meant saying no to other things. And that’s how it should be.