October 10, 2012

Let me give you 30 minutes for free

I spent about 35 minutes collecting the following links, thoughts, etc. You can spend about 5 minutes to read them, and eventually much more to dig the details… But you would have saved 30 minutes… Given that you trust my filtering skills :) Please remember that: opinions here are personal, and that linking to resources doesn’t necessary mean that I agree with the content. Thanks!

1) Funambol, a company started by my Italian friend Fabrizio Capobianco, closed 5.75 Million $ round in funding. Read about them, it’s an interesting story.

2) The most seen online video in history: Kony 2012.

3) Tax loss harvesting: I didn’t even know it existed, but I think it’s a good read if you care about your money investments. The video is nice.

4) Can we make San Francisco smarter?

5) YouTube premium content goes global. I want to watch more BBC documentaries. I love them. I love Nature.

6) Talking about Nature (and Africa), watch this interview made to Vinny, co-founder of Gyft. I met his a while ago and he’s an amazing entrepreneur.

7) If you watch this video for 90 minutes, you’re going to have spent your time well. Please note that this is part two. Part one is equally amazing.

8) I like watching “The Founders”. Nice work, Brad Feld :)

That’s probably enough links. Enjoy.