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Hacked By Imam with Love

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  1. Marco Cimmino · August 22, 2015 Reply

    I think the source code is here:
    And all software related issues are here:

    About opening/closing a bank account I agree, last Year I had to close my Estonian bank account and I had a debt of 8 EUR, to pay that and close the account they asked me to travel to Estonia and do it in person OR use a delegation with an officially stamped by a notary. My Estonian ID card was expired and of course not living there any more and not having an Estonian citizenship, I couldn’t have it renewed.
    I argued that 800 EUR of round trip flight ticket was not really worth it to pay a 8 EUR debt, even if I always love to go back there to say hello to my friends; I argued that E-Estonia could do better than that.
    After four calls, unnumbered emails and couple of escalations, shake with badly spoken English over midnight Skype calls, I managed to get a waiver and pay it from an Italian bank account via a wire transfer, but was just “an exception” for my case. So I am a lucky person.
    About the software yes, they have a lot to improve, though, it is available for all operating systems and works pretty well, Estonians can also vote with their ID card (nothing to do with E-residency), something I only wish Italy one day could implement instead of wasting tons of paper and tax payer money.

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