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Biography Summary

Simone Brunozzi
Since early 2016, Simone Brunozzi serves as CTO for Mosaixsoft Inc., a startup building a cloud computing product.
Previously, Simone Brunozzi served as a Vice President and Chief Technologist (global role) for VMware Inc., focusing on Cloud technology (vCloud Air). This role included public speaking, relationships with key clients, strategy and roadmap, driving innovation inside the company, managing a team of Solutions Engineers to drive adoption of VMware’s Cloud products.

He frequently mentors startups and innovative companies, including ones incubated in startup accelerators (Techstars and others).
He is an investor in, and advisor of, (knowledge platform) and others.

Simone has a technical background in Computer Science, experience as an entrepreneur, professor, and has worked in the industry for 15+ years, focusing on Cloud Computing since 2006.

Simone grew up in Italy, and after having been a four-times entrepreneur in Italy, a University professor at the young age of 26, a CTO, and after having written two technical books and two novels, he left Italy to join Amazon Web Services in March 2008 as the first Technology Evangelist for Europe (EMEA), to raise awareness about Cloud Computing and help developers build applications.
In January 2010 he relocated to Singapore as the first Technology Evangelist for the APAC region. In 2010 he received the “2010 Cloud Evangelist of the Year” award.
In July 2012, Simone relocated to San Francisco, as the first Senior Technology Evangelist for Americas.
In February 2014 he left Amazon to join VMware.

Since 2008, Simone has been a very popular speaker in Europe, United States, Asia, Oceania and Africa, speaking at more than 650 events (and collecting a huge amount of airline miles).
Simone is regularly invited as a speaker to conferences all around the world.
For inquiries, feel free to contact him. (or -at- gmail dot com – remove the dots)

Some online videos of past presentations:

Keynote at VMworld 2014:

VMWorld 2014 – keynote day 2 – Simone Brunozzi

VMware’s Chief Technologist at the CTO Summit Silicon Valley.

Previous presentations (Amazon Web Services):

AWS Summit 2013 – Keynote with Andy Jassy
Parmigiano, a Monastery, Love and Faith: technical lessons on how to do Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud (at AWS Re: Invent, Nov 29th, 2012)
Cloud and Enterprise: Real World Adoption (at the Silicon Valley Forum, Sept 27th, 2012)
Developing Mobile Apps on the AWS Cloud
Amazon S3 internals
Introduction to Amazon Web Services
Security in the Cloud
Architecting for the Cloud
Big Data (in Italian)