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On Evangelism

Warning: this will be a long blog post. Very frequently I am asked, by different organizations and individuals, what would be the best strategy to reach out to developers, build a community, and create a positive “buzz” related to a specific technology. Or, how to do Evangelism. I have decided to spend a long and lazy evening to share my thoughts on the subject, and the result is this blog post. I hope that many people will find this helpful, and of course comments and suggestions are more than welcome. To be clear, this is more about how a Company…

500 times on stage

A few weeks ago I passed an important mark: five hundred times on stage as a Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services. When I started in 2008 (thanks to a virtual church and a lot of work), I couldn’t have imagined that I would have covered conferences across all continents (except for Antartica, but I’m working on it!) for a total of FIVE HUNDRED times. Wow! I hardly believe it. In this post, I’d like to share some thoughts, learnings, considerations and the like. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Let’s start! 1) Did you watch the movie “Up in the…

The rise of vertical accelerators

When in May I was talking with Aziz about this, I wasn’t sure that this was going to happen, although I thought it would make sense in the long run. Now it seems that my little prediction is becoming reality: Nike just announced an Accelerator, in partnership with Techstars. (disclaimer: I’m a mentor at Techstars Cloud in San Antonio, TX). I think this comes from the following: 1) There is a huge need for Enterprise companies to innovate. 2) Innovation has never been easy in Big companies. 3) Accelerators are a way to speed up innovation (when done right). As…

Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

This is the video of my talk at AWS Re: Invent, on November 29th, 2012, titled: “Parmigiano, a Monastery, Love and Faith: Technical lessons on how to do Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud“. I hope you’ll like it. If you do, please share 🙂 Slides are here: Parmigiano, a Monastery, Love and Faith: Technical lessons on how to do Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud from Simone Brunozzi Update: this one below is a screenshot of my famous “Parmigiano moment” (at 25:17)!

Let me give you 30 minutes for free

I spent about 35 minutes collecting the following links, thoughts, etc. You can spend about 5 minutes to read them, and eventually much more to dig the details… But you would have saved 30 minutes… Given that you trust my filtering skills 🙂 Please remember that: opinions here are personal, and that linking to resources doesn’t necessary mean that I agree with the content. Thanks! 1) Funambol, a company started by my Italian friend Fabrizio Capobianco, closed 5.75 Million $ round in funding. Read about them, it’s an interesting story. 2) The most seen online video in history: Kony 2012….

Amazon Web Services weekly podcast

A few months ago, my colleague Simon Elisha and I started the “AWS Podcast“, a weekly podcast on technical aspects related to Amazon Web Services. It has quickly become quite popular, and if you are not subscribed yet, it might be a good time to do it. You can also listen to past episodes. We’re now at Episode number 16.

Dreamforce challenge

Hi there, I’m Simone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, and this blog post is about the “Mini-Hack” challenge at DreamForce 2012. There are two challenges for you: a Basic Hack, and an Advanced Hack (which includes the basic one, plus adds some more juice). This page is also available from this link: Basic Hack Download a MySQL database dump. Launch a MySQL instance on Amazon EC2. Copy the database dump to the new instance. Convert the database into a NoSQL database. Upload the newly converted database into DynamoDB. Query DynamoDB and retrieve the value specified below. Advanced…

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