Why Stallman is wrong

[discuss on Hacker News] Richard Stallman (also known as RMS, from his initials) is considered one of the fathers of the Free Software movement. I have a deep respect for someone who dedicated most of his life to a noble cause. His latest article is about “Reasons not to use Facebook“. (photo courtesy of RMS himself, source here) The article is smart, factual, and well written. Unfortunately, there’s a fundamental flaw in it. Stallman would like to convince MANY people that using Facebook is wrong, and lists the reasons. The problem with his view is that MOST people would not…

Apple will NOT buy Tesla for $75 Billion in 18 months

Jason Calacanis is an accomplished VC (Venture Capital), angel investor, and startup guy. He’s also a smart guy. He recently wrote that, in his view, Apple will buy Tesla for $75B in 18 months. I 100% disagree. Let me explain. (disclaimer: I own no AAPL or TSLA stocks, I don’t own a Tesla car, and I own two Macbooks). What’s the current status? Some facts, so that we are all aligned. Apple is worth more than $740 Billion. It sold about 170 million iPhones in 2014, among other things. Tesla is worth $25 Billion. It sold about 33,000 cars in…

The Ugly Thing about The Hard Thing about Hard Things

(this post originally appeared on Medium) (discuss on Hacker News) Who the f%*k is Joel Clark Jr.? When I was five years old, we moved to Bonita Avenue, a collection of hippies, crazy people, lower class people working hard to move up, and upper class people taking enough drugs to move down. One day, one of my older brother Jonathan’s friends, Roger, was over at our house. He pointed to an African American kid down the block who was riding in a red wagon and dared me: “Go down the street, tell him to give you his wagon, and if…

Learn how to fundraise your startup by doing it for a charity

I work for a big company, but in the past I’ve been an entrepreneur several times. Now I mentor for a few startups, and most of the time they’re struggling with one thing: FUNDRAISING. Even the brightest and smartest people are not at ease when they need to find the money for their startup. It takes guts, and you can do it only if you strongly believe in what you’re trying to build. My suggestion for you is to learn how to do it, by doing it for a charity first. The reason why? I am raising money for a…

Assisi and Second Life

You know that I built the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Second Life. Right now, I’m not using it anymore, and I would like to sell it, or to rent it. If you’re interested, please email me: simone dot brunozzi at gmail dot com.

Life is great

Well, I’ve just lived seven incredible months, with a great new job, new travels, new friends and such. Life is great. It is also worth noting that when you put a big change in your life, everything seems new and fresh, and you enjoy the simple things again. I’ve loved visiting so many places in Europe, learning different habits from different people, nations, businesses. I really hope to be able to transmit these feelings to you, in the future. Happy (marry) Christmas!

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