Twitter Experiment

If you use Twitter, please Retweet (RT) @italian_project stating your opinion on italians, with Positive (P) and Negative (N) comments. Example: RT @italian_projects italians are P: friendly, nice, good-looking, N: badly organized, sometimes arrogant and invadent. Thanks!

GGD in Berlin!

I love Girls Geek Dinners. Not just because of the girl, but because they are usually a great moment to have fun and get to know lots of interesting people. Yesterday I loved the GGD in Berlin, here’s a picture, and some others on my flickr album.

European data plan for mobile?

I am looking for a mobile data plan that allows me to connect to Internet from any country in the European Union, and up/download something around 10-20 MB a day, at least. Do you have any suggestion for this? Off topic: here some new pictures on my flickr account.

My cugino’s blog!

Cugino means cousin, in italian, and this means that my cugino has a new blog, maxbruno! Check it out (it’s in italian, I know…) That same guy, Max, is also working hard on a startup focused on the travel business: itineralis.com. I ask you to check it out and possibly to give him some link love… He really deserves it! By the way, Max is an excellent guitar player… But he can’t beat this gorgeous performance by The artist formerly known as… See you soon guys!

Connect with me!

If we know each other in some way or another, feel free to connect with me on: Linkedin Flickr Dopplr Twitter FriendFeed Facebook And, my blogs’ feeds: ubuntista.it brunozzi.it brunozzi.com (english) Ciao!

Useless post

I just feel I want to write something. I don’t know what, or why. I will open my mind directly into my mouth, err, fingers (and keyboard). Luxembourg is quite nice, but I will not be able to live here forever. My job is great so far. I am losing some (fat) weight, which is good, considering that I’m traveling a lot. I want to visit Africa, within a year. I feel good, even when the day is cloudy. Well, that’s it 🙂 Cheers.


Obama? I say that he can really win. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but… that video is REALLY inspiring. Barack, do the right thing. The world needs it 🙂

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