A few months ago, my friend and colleague Simon and I started a series of podcasts on Amazon Web Services. Initially it was just an experiment, to see if people would like listening to it. After just a few weeks, though, it was clear that we were filling a need. We can’t disclose numbers or stats, but suffice to say that the AWS Podcast has quickly become quite popular, I guess among AWS customers. This is the short summary of the latest, Episode number 10: “Simon & Simone are back again for this special episode where we will look at…

Being a Technology Evangelist

Sometimes people ask me: what do you do for a living? My first reaction is always a smile. I anticipate that, when that person will hear my title, they will think they got it wrong, and ask to repeat it again. Then, I repeat my words and they still are “I’m a Technology Evangelist“. They look at me with a weird face, and clearly want an explanation. It’s a catchy title, one of those titles that almost “force” people to ask “Tell me more about it”. It’s almost as catchy as my all-time favorite, “Pizza consultant“, a guy that I’ve…

Startups and AWS Re: Invent in Las Vegas (27-29 November 2012)

My role of Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services (AWS) implies that I meet a TON of startups, on a daily basis. I simply love it. The interaction is simply wonderful and very stimulating… At least, for me! 😀 You might also know that on November 27th-29th, 2012, we are going to have the first global conference for Amazon Web Services. It’s called Re: Invent, and takes place at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. If you are a very cool startup, have a story to share with me, and would like a discounted code to register…

Interesting stuff (during a week in Asia)

From Aug 5th, until Aug 11th, I’m in Asia. I was in Taipei on Aug 7th, where I had the honor to deliver a Keynote at one of the most important IT events in the area (Business IT Next Forum & Expo 2012 Taiwan), just before the Taiwanese Minister of IT. We then had lunch together and enjoyed a very nice conversation. After that, I flew to Singapore, where I’m meeting some old friends, and spending some time in the Amazon Web Services office. The Taipei airport seems to be all about Hello Kitty, see pictures here and down below….

First week in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley

It has been a little more than a week in San Francisco now, and I already feel at home. Last Wednesday, I attended the Founder Showcase, a privilege that I have as a Startup mentor at the Founder Institute. There was a room packed with startuppers and entrepreneurs, from all over the world. It was a nice opportunity to meet a lot of existing AWS customers, as well as potential new ones. Oh, yeah, acronyms: AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and if you’re new to this blog, you have to know that AWS is my dream job. Not in…

Day one

Day one of a new life. I moved from Singapore to San Francisco, working for the same company, in a similar role (but in a much more challenging environment). I landed one hour late, at 1:30pm, and the Sun was kissing me. It kept kissing me for the entire day. Here’s a self-portrait, taken at 7:30pm at Pera restaurant, Potrero Hill. I’m quite happy.

Almost the best job in the world: Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services, Asia Pacific

I love my job. I was hired by Amazon more than four years ago, thanks to a virtual Church and a lot of work. Funny, when you think about it 🙂 This is the face I had when I finished the last of fifteen interviews: After almost two years in Europe, and two and a half years in Singapore, I’m now ready to move to San Francisco: same role, different geography. This means that there’s an opening for a job which is ALMOST THE BEST IN THE WORLD: Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services, Asia Pacific. Please carefully read the job…

Good music

Good music is one of the best invention of mankind (or Nature itself?). In the last two days, while working on an amazing presentation for AWS, I kept listening to this song by Gotye, a super-talented Belgian-Australian, just 31 years old. Watch/Listen, the video itself is super nice, and as said, I love the music 🙂

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