Life of a Technology Evangelist

I just found this video that I created a while ago, it’s titled “Life of a Technology Evangelist”, and it’s a collection of hundreds of pictures that I’ve taken during my trips. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Life of a Technology Evangelist 🙂 from Simone Brunozzi on Vimeo. Ah, by the way: we’re hiring Technology Evangelists in Asia and Europe. This is the Job Description for the one in India, but we have positions available in Singapore and Australia. Please email me at: simone @ if you think you’re the right candidate, or share it with a good…

Bryan Stevenson at TED

I just watched this one over lunch (yes, if there are only 24 hours in a day and you can’t change that, you can make a better use of your time): it’s a TED talk by Bryan Stevenson. It quickly became one of my all-time favorites. I don’t want to tell you anything about it. Watch it. Simple as that. Ah, by the way: it seems that TEDsters liked it as well. In fact, this talk received the strongest standing ovation ever seen at TED (according to Wikipedia).

Architecting for the Cloud

I’m so happy that this one made it into the “Presentations of the day” on Slideshare (it means, one of the three most popular decks on Slideshare today). Feel free to share, like, etc. ! 2011 AWS Tour Australia: Architecting for the Cloud: demo and best practices, by Simone Brunozzi View more presentations from Amazon Web Services

Do the work

While on holiday, I finished reading “Do the work” on my Kindle. I think that it’s an excellent book, with tons of good advice. If you have a Kindle, it’s free. Get it 🙂


Resonate: one of the best books on presentations that I’ve ever read. Unfortunately, I don’t know Nancy Duarte personally, and I cannot recommend her services (trainings, etc). But the book is pure gold. Buy it.

Long Way Round

In the past few weeks, I’ve happily watched The Long Way Round DVD for several hours. (it also includes The Long Way Down, which is another trip). I loved it, despite this is not a highly professional documentary like the ones produced by Discovery or National Geographic, and despite sometimes the episodes could have been compressed more (in other words, sometimes they spent too much time on something). If you don’t know, the Long Way Round is an adventure organized by Ewan Mcregor, a very successful british actor, and Charley Boorman, an actor as well. They ride motorbikes from London…

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